Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice


A Path to Recovery for Survivors of Abuse

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Coming October 18, 2019. This self-help bookFinding Your Voice: A Path to Recovery for Survivors of Abuse contains personal stories, easy-to-follow exercises and simple explanations of the healing process. I help survivors find a proven ability to heal. This book and its companion workbook lead each survivor from personal suffering through the process of healing as they discover more happiness in their own lives.


¥ Survivors will learn how to identify abuse: what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like;

¥ They will understand the importance of The Big 3 (unconditional acceptance, love, and self-respect);

¥ Abuse survivors will discover how understanding their past is the key to your future;

¥ They will experience the value of discovering themselves in order to nourish their dreams and desires;

¥ Survivors will learn how to find more joy and happiness in their life

¥ Survivors learn how to cultivate healthier relationships.