About Mannette

As a survivor of abuse who has overcome adversity including, childhood sexual and emotional abuse, dyslexia, and an abusive marriage I found a way to heal and eventually recover.

My mission is to share what I learned with the world so we as a human race can stop the cycle of abuse and start healing. My desire is to help other abuse survivors discover their own courage, self-awareness, and hope while recognizing they are not alone.

My experience comes from my own life as well as being a certified life coach from the Academy of Solution Focus Training and American University of NLP.  I have led How to Heal After Abuse Workshops and motivational self-improvement classes with several organizations since 2013. These organizations help women that are struggling, in need of support, guidance, and training. 

I have been professionally coaching individual victims and survivors of abuse since 2010 helping them improve, change and recover from the effects of abuse. My clients have gained a true understanding of how abuse has affected their lives while learning self-respect, strength, self-confidence, and how to live a healthier happier life. 

My dream is to help others heal the scars, pain, and damage of abuse so more survivors can recover and thrive.

 Look inside yourself, and see the strong beautiful individual you are. 



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