This lady is awesome… I met her when I lived at Warren Village, she was volunteering teaching life skills classes on healing… VERY POWERFUL!! … she is inspirational and insightful… check out her book this fall… an if you get a chance to hear her story or take a class… RUN don’t walk to sign up…!!!
— Jan Watkins/ Denver, Colorado
Mannette has changed my life. Before I met her, I suffered from very low self-esteem and did not have clear direction as to where I wanted to take my life. It has been a process, but Mannette has supplied me with the tools I need to believe in myself and strive towards my goals. Mannette really taught me how to take a step back from my life and view it from a different lens so I can analyze my relationships and whether or not they were beneficial for me. I have grown tremendously, and now have an unwavering confidence in myself and my abilities that I don’t think I would have found if not for Mannette. Mannette really has made a difference in my life, and still continues to inspire me every single day to strive for greatness and to reach my fullest potential.
— Amanda Harris | Denver, Colorado
I am sending you this letter to let you know how much our time spent together in your book club meant to me. You really opened up my eyes to a new way of viewing life. Every day since then, I use the skills you brought to my awareness. You have a particular way of gently showing me different choices. I am a more patient, opened minded, and confident person now. You have given me tools to use in my everyday life. These tools are ready, at hand because you were there to point them out. I will forever be grateful.
— Charlotte Temmen | Grady, Texas

I was new to Singapore and having difficulty settling down. I didn’t know too many people and had left a life of 15 years in Princeton, NJ. Mannette had just started the motivational book group through the American Women’s Association in Singapore. I joined and it changed my life dramatically. Mannette’s guidance - through the five books that year - helped me not only accept our move to Singapore and enjoy time here but improve other areas of my life also. Through interactions with Mannette, I learned meditation was introduced to Quong Chi and became more spiritual. I now have a more positive outlook toward life, am happier and still value my deep friendship with her, even though she is no longer here in Singapore.
— Anu Bhat | Singapore