ABC's For Life

Start changing your life today.

A - Attitude comes from within
B - Believe in yourself
C - Compassion can Change the world
D - Dare to Dream
E - Exercise your mind and body
F - Forgiveness heals the spirit
G - Give gratitude to God and the universe
H - Happiness is the key to a Healthy life
I -  Inspire others through your own actions
J - Joy is something you choose to experience
K - Kindness is a universal language
L - Learn to Love yourself
M - Meditate and find inner peace everyday
N - Nourish your soul
O - Optimism Opens the mind
P - Passion leads to Purpose
Q - Quality of life is a Quest
R - Respect all of your Relationship
S - Smile - your Spirit is Special
T - Treat others as you wish to be Treated
U - Unconditional love and acceptance is the answer
V - Visualize your dreams and desire
W - Wisdom is always available; Wise men always listen
X - eXpand your heart and eXperience life
Y - You have all You need, to be all You can be
Z - Zero in on your dreams