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Mannette Morgan

Like many people, I’ve faced difficult challenges. I’ve overcome sexual and emotional abuse, a learning disability, and family alcoholism. While a single parent, I was divorced, bankrupt, and widowed. 

 Yet, I haven’t just survived these challenges; I’ve consciously thrived in my life. 

 These experiences taught me patience, tolerance, perseverance, and empathy for humanity. They also empowered me with confidence, strength, self-respect and most of all hope.

 My mission is to share what I learned with the world so we as a human race can stop the cycle of abuse and start healing. My desire is to help other abuse survivors, discover their own courage, self-awareness and hope while recognizing they are not alone. I believe in repeating and accepting people’s choices, values, and beliefs because everyone has their own path to achieving personal growth and goals.

 My experience comes from my own life as well as working professionally with abused women. I have spent years gathering information on how abuse affects individuals. I have accumulated simple skills and techniques that can help survivors emotionally heal. With this knowledge, I have led How to Heal After Abuse Workshopswith organized groups since 2013. My dream is to help others heal the scars, pain, and damage of abuse so more survivors can thrive.

 Look inside yourself and see the strong beautiful individual you are.