Finding Your Voice is a self-help book for individuals who have experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. This book contains personal stories, inspirational quotes, easy-to-follow exercises, and simple explanations of the healing process with a compassionate, supportive voice. The author’s message to survivors is they are not alone and they each possess the ability to heal. Finding Your Voice is designed to take each survivor from denial through the process of healing from releasing their past and navigating personal suffering so they can discover more joy and happiness. 

This book discusses the following concepts: 

¥ How to identify abuse: what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like;
¥ The importance of the Big 3, (unconditional acceptance, love and self-respect);
¥ How understanding your past is the key to your future;
¥ The value of discovering yourself in order to nourish your dreams and desire,
¥ How to ultimately find more joy and happiness in your life; and
¥ Steps to cultivating healthier relationships.

Also available soon Finding Your Voice Workbook along with Finding Your Voice Healing Audio.